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Enhance Outdoor Living Enjoyment With Tiki Huts by Tropical Marine Construction

In Polynesian countries it is known as “Tiki,” in Mexico it’s a “Palapa,” the Mayan Indians of Central America referred to it as a “Bohio,” and the Northern Florida Seminoles called it “Chickee.” Regardless of the nomenclature, these international terms all refer to the same type of tropical hut structure--a thatch roofed hut or building native to the tropics. Tropical Marine Construction brings the South Pacific to you with a wide variety of tiki design structures and tiki decor available for construction in your backyard or on your waterfront property. Versatile, affordable,and built for prolonged longevity and enjoyment, consider our tiki designs for your next marine construction project.

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Your Guests Will Think You’ve Transported Them to Figi or Tahiti with Your New Tiki Hut, Tiki Umbrella, and Tiki Decor.

Why spend money on South Pacific vacations or Caribbean cruises when you can achieve the same tropical atmosphere with the tiki designs and construction of your very own tiki hut with tiki umbrella by Tropical Marine Construction. Visit our showroom and meet with our sales and design consultants to plan your own backyard tiki escape. We will custom design and construct an authentic natural thatch roofed structure on your residential property that, with a bit of imagination and creativity, will have your guests believing they are in Bora Bora or the Hawaiian Islands.

Our licensed, professional marine construction engineers and construction crews will design and build tiki-style structures according to local residential permit guidelines. You can choose from our many tiki designs, depending on your desired location and intended use for your new tropical hut. Choose from tiki structures including:

  • Tiki huts
  • Tiki umbrellas
  • Chickee hut
  • Tropical hut
  • Tiki gazebo

Once the Tropical Marine Construction crews have completed your new tiki structures, complete with thatched roofs and your desired tiki decor, even you will think you’ve been transported into a magical Polynesian dreamland.

Affordability and Practicality for the SWFL Climate Makes Tiki Hut Construction the Ideal Choice for Enhancing Waterfront Decor

The features of thatch roofed tiki structures are ideal for the SWFL climate for many reasons.

  • Built of commercial quality construction materials meant for a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Enhanced with easy care, long lasting bamboo facings and trims
  • Very low maintenance
  • Withstands extreme climate conditions
  • Permanent tiki umbrellaed structures last twice as long as cloth or canvas umbrellas or gazebos
  • Direct wind flow through the thatch, unlike alternative materials
  • Thatch withstands the SWFL heat for comfort on hot SWFL days
  • Thatch and durability of tiki hut construction material withstands even hurricane level winds with little damage
  • Tiki thatch construction is 99% waterproof
  • Thatch is easy to maintain with virtually no shedding, mold or mildew
  • Reed that supplies the thatch leaves is natural, eco-friendly, and a sustainable resource

Our custom designed and constructed permanent tiki umbrella structures are ideal for many recreational as well as functional purposes. Tiki gazebos can safely house tiki decor including hammocks, tables and chairs.

Start planning your tiki hut construction today and watch us build your tropical paradise of tomorrow

Call Tropical Marine Construction at 239.542.1004 to schedule a consultation with our tiki designs team. When we meet, we will incorporate your tiki hut ideas into tiki hut plans designed with your vision for building a beautiful, affordable backyard tropical paradise as our ultimate objective.