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Lester's Bulk Gravel - Delivery or Pickup


lesters bulk material delivery truckAt Lester’s, you can pick up a bag of gravel for that small project you have at home. We’ll be glad to share our expertise to help you pick the right gravel for your specific project. We’ll also offer tips on how to best use your gravel. However, if your project requires a larger quantity of gravel, we also sell them in bulk. You can test the suspension on your car or truck, or we’ll deliver your sand or gravel for you.

Lester’s can also help make sure you receive your gravel in the appropriate quantity for your project. We offer our online easy Bulk Gravel Calculator so you can determine how much gravel you need, or our sales representatives are always happy to answer your questions.

While we’re happy to share our expertise on gravel, the list below will answer many of your questions about which gravel best fits your needs:

bulk stone pea gravel delivery lake county ilPeagravel – gets its name from the size of its pebbles; the stone is about the size of peas (1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter). It comes washed, has excellent color giving it good decorative properties. It also has excellent drainage qualities though it is not particularly firm to walk on. It’s customary uses include: 

  • For bedding and installation around Drain tile and Drainpipes
  • As a Course Mix with Concrete
  • In Dog Runs for Smaller Dogs

bulk stone 6 delivery lake county ilNo. 6 Stone – this is a washed river rock that is good for drainage. Individual pebbles are between ½ and ¾ inches. It’s works well as an attractive and functional stone. It’s good as a first layer on projects where more expensive and larger sized stones will be used on top. It’s customary uses include:

  • Mixed with Concrete oUnder Decks
  • For Drainage in Window Wells
  • For bedding and installation around Drain tile and Drainpipes
  • In Dog Runs for Larger Dogs

bulk stone 8 delivery lake county ilNo. 8 Stone – this is one of the most decorative stones in this class of stone. Individual river-washed rocks are between 1 and 1-1/2 inches in diameter meaning there are substantial pockets in this stone mix. As a result, it drains very well. On the other hand, mixing it with No. 6 Stone produces a mix with excellent drainage properties and that is good for walking. Its uses include:

  • Under Decks
  • In Window Wells
  • For bedding and installation around Drain tile and Drainpipes
  • As a Top Layer Above No. 6 Stone
  • In Dog Runs for Really Big Dogs

bulk stone 9 delivery lake county ilGrade 9 Gravel – this is road construction grade gravel. It consists of crushed gravel with a size of ¾ inch down to fine particles. It works well as base under brick pavers or flagstone. Considering its use in road construction, it’s no surprise that Grade 9 Gravel is also excellent for use under driveways and walkways. It creates a solid sub-base that can take considerable weight.

3/8-inch clear and ¾-inch Clear Gravel – a crushed gravel with pieces of these sizes best used for under raised patios and under permeable pavers where it packs but allows drainage. When ordering your sand or gravel, you can use our easy Estimator Calculator . However, you’ll want to check with us as to whether you’re ordering a fluffed ratio, where you’re spreading out the sand or gravel; or where you’re using a compacted ratio, in the case of Grade 9 gravel, Grade 8 limestone and limestone screenings, such as under a driveway or anywhere else that requires the sand or gravel to be compacted. This will significantly change the quantity of sand or gravel you’ll need for your project.

We Carry all grades

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Be sure to check out Lester’s easy Mulch Estimator Calculator on this Web site to determine how much gravel you need for your project.

We also offer Limestone

Don't Forget to Use Lester's Bulk Material Estimation Calculators

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