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Lester's Custom Paver Brick Installations

There’s a classic beauty and natural elegance to brick paving that wood and other landscaping materials can’t touch. From a patio to a driveway to a walkway and more, brick paving transforms yards from mere landscape to an extension of the home or office. A patio of brick pavers becomes a room addition on a sunny day or warm, starlit night.

The truly amazing thing about brick pavers is their versatility. From different styles of pavers to different colors of pavers – the combinations are almost endless. Additionally, there are a wide range of uses that make brick paving an excellent solution to many landscaping quandaries. Of course, it helps to have someone on your side who is experienced with the possibilities offered by brick pavers. What you need is an expert in the use of brick paving.

Award Featured Installations

custom paver brick stoops

Paver Brick Patios

custom paver brick patios

Paver Brick Stoops

custom paver brick stoops

Paver Brick Walkways

custom paver brick stoops

Paver Brick Walls

custom paver brick stoops

Paver Brick Drives & Borders

custom paver brick stoops

Paver Brick Fireplace & Firepits

custom paver brick stoops

Custom Natural Stone Installations

custom paver brick stoops

At Lester’s, our brick paving landscape design experts will unite utility, beauty and budget in a masterpiece of landscaping splendor. They’ll show you how to take advantage of your yard’s natural features, from varied elevations to trees, shrubs or gardens; they’ll meld all the pieces into a symphony of landscaping magic.

What are some of the uses for brick pavers?

  • A patio
  • Walkways or pathways
  • Driveways
  • A fireplace or firepit built into a patio or as a separate feature in the yard
  • A grill built with pavers
  • Brick paving seats
  • Retaining walls made of pavers
  • More …

When Lester’s designs your landscaping, whether using brick pavers or other materials, they can incorporate lighting, natural gas appliances and plumbing into the project to create a self-sustaining outdoor paradise.

Pavers don’t always have to follow one brick behind the other; brick paving can also be laid out in designs, such as circles, wording or inlay ‘area rugs.’ Just think of what that can mean for a patio or driveway.

Lester’s design experts will come out to your home or office and conduct an inventory of your yard, as well as what you desire to do with your landscaping. Do you want to add a patio, a walkway or maybe a firepit in the middle of the yard where you, friends and family can roast marshmallows under the moon and stars? Whatever your wishes, our design experts will make a rough drawing and take it back to our office. There, they’ll generate a computerized drawing with an itemized quote.

Next, they’ll meet with you again to tweak the plans until the individual parts, design and budget meet. Are your goals beyond what your budget can currently handle? Lester’s will show you how you can build the patio, walkway, driveway or other paving features of your dreams by building in phases. For instance, start with the flat work before adding features. The critical question here is whether you’ll add lighting, natural gas appliances and/or plumbing to your patio or landscape. If so, you’ll probably want to build the infrastructure – the piping – into the ground first.

Brick Paving Installation

Installing a brick patio, walkway, driveway or paving feature is back-breaking work. And, if you don’t do it right you can brick pavers in your walkway that settle, pavers in a patio that pulls apart at the edges or a paving in a driveway that doesn’t drain right. Professional installation of your brick paving by Lester’s will solve all of these dilemmas.

Imagine, you wake up one morning and look out at the yard with a sigh and, by the evening, your new patio, walkway or driveway of pavers is waiting when you return. No fuss, no bother. All you need to do is enjoy. Lester’s expert paving and landscaping installers even clean up when they’re done. And, now your paving paradise has the backing and warranty of one of the top paving design, installation and maintenance company in the Midwest.

Brick Paving Maintenance

Even if Lester’s didn’t design and/or install your patio of brick pavers, if you’re having difficulties, we’re there when you need is with the expertise to put your paving back together right. We’ll diagnose the problem and administer the cure in a way that will leave your landscaping, patio, walkway, driveway or other brick paving features looking the way they were intended to look. And we won’t hurt your wallet in the process.

At Lester’s, we’ve designed, installed and maintained brick paving for decades. We know how to take care of brick paving that is:

  • Cracked or chipped
  • Suffering from loose pavers
  • Settling or lifting
  • Stained
  • A home to insects
  • Fighting a losing battle with tree roots

Whatever your brick paving issue, Lester’s has the cure.