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The Finest Composite Decking Materials and Pressure Treated Wood for Custom Designed Dock and Marine Construction in SWFL

Tropical Marine Construction uses only the finest quality marine construction materials built to the highest industry standards for your docks, decks and other waterfront enhancement projects. We use the most long lasting, resilient deck boards and composite lumber deck materials in customizing your dock systems. The finished product is one that best accommodates your waterfront lifestyle as well as budget, and helps protect your waterfront investment.

So Many Choices. . . Choosing the Best Deck Materials and Dock Building Supplies for Your Needs

TanDeck® manufactured by Tangent Technologies, LLC, is a highly durable and resilient marine dock board that is primarily used for residential and light commercial dock systems, piers, marinas, and other waterfront structures. Its characteristics include:

  • FTC certified 50% recycled content “green” manufactured product
  • Strength and resilience to the harshest waterfront environs due to reinforced inside core
  • Ideal for new and restorative construction
  • Longest lasting marine decking materials on the market
  • Superior durability and longevity when compared with wood deck and composite wood based plastic lumber
  • Similar characteristics to dimensional wood decking with less annual maintenance
  • No staining, painting or waterproofing necessary
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Does not rot, warp, splinter or corrode
  • Resistant to marine infestations
  • Easy to maintain as it cleans easily with mild soap and water rinse
  • Limited 50 year warranty for residential applications

For superior performance and durability, TanDeck® decking materials are an excellent choice for the SWFL weather and climate conditions, especially when you are interested in protecting the environment.

Should I Consider Capped PVC Decking?

Because rarely are two docks, decks or marine projects the same, there are different dock building materials for meeting the functionality and needs of one client versus another. Capped PVC decking by Azek® Building Products gives a more realistic appearance of wood than some of the other composite products. In some instances the streaked, deep colors resemble tropical hardwoods, and come in a wide selection of colors with fine texture lines. Their features include:

  • Aesthetic color variation from board to board that gives it the appearance of hardwoods
  • Colorfast
  • Superior resilience
  • Resistant to mildew and mold
  • Stain, split and scratch resilient
  • Impervious to insect infestation
  • 30-year limited lifetime warranty for fading and staining
  • Rated Class “A” for flame spread

The dock construction and design experts at Tropical Marine Construction will help you evaluate your priorities for the construction or renovation of your dock systems. By helping you compare them with the various attributes of the many dock materials available, you will be able to achieve your desired end result in the final choice of your decking material.


What is Pressure Treated Wood and its viability as a dock and marine construction material?

Our dock and decking designers are often asked, “what is pressure treated wood? What characteristics does it have that might be desirable for my new project? All dock and marine construction materials have trade offs in terms of cost, maintenance and appearance.

Pressure treated wood is used for virtually all understructure frames of docks and decks. The underwater pilings, beams, posts, and joists which require proven longevity make up virtually every dock. It has distinct advantages as a decking material including:

  • Wide availability
  • Affordability as a decking material
  • Stains easily
  • Resists abuse
  • Many brands carry limited lifetime warranties
  • Chemically treated for
    • Resistance to marine insects and wood boring pests
    • Resilience against decay and fungus

Pressure treated wood has distinct disadvantages including:

  • Warping tendency
  • Cracks easily
  • Swells and splits
  • Requires routine maintenance including
    • Annual power washing
    • Wood preservative or stain application every 1-2 years

If you are seeking an economic, fairly long lived decking material for your marine decking project, ask our dock designers whether pressure treated wood might satisfy your functionality and budgetary objectives.

Additional Deck Materials and Dock Building Supplies

Some clients prefer the look and natural weathering patterns of natural wood. At Tropical Marine Construction, we believe you should have the dock system you want that is appropriate for your location and budget. Tropical Marine Construction offers natural deck materials without having to sacrifice longevity or durability, including ipe and cumuru. These natural hardwoods carry unique characteristics including:

  • Incredible strength and stability
  • Resistance to decay and mold
  • Longevity
  • Slip resistant
  • Environmentally safe
  • Conducive to all climate and marine environs

When beauty is a primary factor in your decision of decking material, you may want to consider a natural wood.

Trex Decking is another composite decking material used by dock builders, primarily in fresh water lakes in the northern part of the U.S. It has advantages including:

  • Low maintenance material Low moisture absorption Relatively maintenance free as compared with wood docks Contains plastic and wood fiber Virtually none of the problems common to maintaining wood docks

Whatever your budget and priorities in your marine construction project, we have the material and design for you.

You choose quality dock and marine construction materials by selecting Tropical Marine Construction for your waterfront enhancement project

Call Tropical Marine Construction today at 239.542.1004 and schedule an appointment to meet with our dock design and dock construction team. We have the docking material that will fit your functionality and budgetary needs, and will enhance your waterside enjoyment for many years.