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Our Boat Dock Repair Service Keeps Your Marine Structures Safe and Looking Good

Has your deck wood escaped its moorings and started floating out to sea? Tropical Marine Construction’s dock repair team and maintenance crew keeps your marine structures in safe, functional condition and looking good for years to come.

Lee County’s Preferred Full Service Residential and Commercial Boat Dock and Deck Repairs and Boat Dock Maintenance Company

Together with our boat dock and decking construction services, Tropical Marine Construction specializes in replacement of marine decking as well as boat lift maintenance services in Lee County and SWFL. The sub-tropical weather conditions in SWFL wreak havoc on boat docks, wood decking and all marine structures. Their constant exposure to salt water, tropical rains blistering sun and oppressive heat necessitates regular preventative maintenance and more frequent boat dock and decking repair services. Tropical Marine Construction keeps your boat docks, wood decking in safe and functioning condition year round with our many services.

In addition to our boat dock construction and semi-annual preventative maintenance program, we specialize in the following services:

  • Boat dock repairs and maintenance from obvious dangers like protruding nails to replacing dock and deck boards.
  • Boat dock and lifts inspection and repair twice each year identifies and resolves problem areas and provides timely remedies.
  • Inspecting dock pilings to identify any underwater rot or structural damage, scrape and wrap existing pilings, and new dock piling installation
  • Dock hardware and Boat dock accessories that have been lost or damaged
    • Replacement of any damaged or lost nails, screws or other dock hardware

Whether you’re a seasonal or year round SWFL resident, protect your waterfront investment and extend the life of your marine structures. Rely on Tropical Marine Construction for all your boat dock and deck repairs and maintenance services.

Keep your waterfront structures in tip top shape by scheduling a consultation and inspection today

Take a proactive role in protecting the investment you’ve made in decking, boat docks and boat lifts by calling Tropical Marine Construction today at 239.542.1004. Schedule your consultation and inspection with the boat dock and boat lift maintenance and repair experts in SWFL. Find out why SWFL prefers our services.